Aquatic Therapy

Weightless healing for your body

Why Aquatic Therapy?

Well, when we are in pain, sometimes even the weight of our own body is too much to bear.  We end up limping, using devices to lean on or even use a wheel chair to get around.

Water lightens the load.  We are un-weighted when we get in the water so movement becomes easier.

So why is therapy so beneficial in the water?  Our specialized therapy pool is heated to the perfect temperature to allow muscles to relax.  Once relaxed, our Aquatic Physical Therapists, Ashley Koch, PT, DPT and Tiffany DiPaolo, PT, DPT, can then help to move those muscles in ways that are the most helpful to the overall health of the body.

Why walk or run on a treadmill in the water?

We avoid pain..we all do it. When walking hurts, we stop walking.  When running hurts, we stop running. Physical Therapists are the best professionals to help determine “why” something hurts.  With our water based treadmill, the added weight of gravity is lessened. Cameras are perfectly positioned to allow the therapist and patient to see and correct patterns that may be causing more pain.  Once we know the “why”, we can begin fixing the problem.